I’m on a new diet called don’t fucking look at me

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it is sep 1st so basically happy halloween

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if white people hate kanye west for being “self-obsessed” and “arrogant” why dont they hate robert downey jr too

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So i have this giant pencil right


I think we all know where this is going.


the amount of people saying that they were expecting me to shove it up my ass is alarming

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Bathtub - The Front Bottoms

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I know I say this a lot but its more and more true every single time

my sexual frustration is at an all time high. 

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"As for Sherri, I couldn’t love her more. She is, in my eyes at least, the best person I know; the love of my life and the coolest, most honest and lovable and truly loyal person I’ve ever had the opportunity to know". -Max Bemis

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Weekend selfies. This was after crazy dancing to Death Grips and then having a really nice dinner Halie made, accompanied by some cheap wine and talking until it was too dark to see outside.

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so i was getting a bunch of gross asks in my inbox and i didnt know why and then one of my sweeter followers sent me a link to this fuckery so i thought i’d share. here’s the thing: this is not an isolated event. i get shit like this all the time. at least once a month someone directs me to some kind of thread where i am public discourse, always exploitative discussions regarding me and my body, and usually something to do with feminism. and this is the reality of many women online, fat women especially. whether im being disgustingly sexualized or mindlessly hated, i cant seem to win. all because i have the audacity to visibly exist on an online platform. 

this is a post to clarify, since so many of you seemed to have forgotten: i am a person. i’m not a topic, i’m not an erotic fabrification, my body is not your forum. my existence isn’t meant to get you off and it isn’t meant for you to express your shitty bigoted opinions. who i am, how i look, what i do has nothing to do with you. i exist for myself and myself alone. i have interests, hobbies, passions, heart breaks, and triumphs. when i am dissected in this manner, with no regards to me as a person, without acknowledging that this is a breathing, living human being you are speaking about, it is hateful ignorance. it is an act of violent disrespect and blatant objectification. it is perpetuating the complete disregard for women’s bodies and their right to autonomy. 

i am a person and i will be treated as such. i am not tolerating this or any hatespeech directed my way. i refuse to be reduced in this manner. i will continue to be the fabulous, vibrant woman of integrity i am and will do all that i can to stop anyone who decides this is an appropriate way to treat a human being. furthermore, im not blocking any names because if you feel comfortable enough to publicly speak so hatefully about someone, you can certainly reap what you sow. i hope you feel uncomfortable when the spotlight shines and there is visibility for your shitty actions.

so here’s my request: STOP engaging in this type of behavior. CALL OUT those who do. protect and, more importantly, respect women online and off. thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Alt-J alphabet 3/7

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02 - Blue Fish


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